Review of how the Bento lunch was received

The children both seemed to enjoy the Bento lunch. Honestly in some ways I found it easier to make and get ready than the standard lunch. I think part of that was just that it was fun and I had stuff for Bento. I did not have everything needed for the standard sandwich, cookie, carrots, and some sort of cracker/chip lunch.

Treanna has Hello Kitty stuff enough for 2 different days. She is quite happy with the sheer amount of pinkness she has.

 Treanna closed bento Inside of Treanna's bento lunch

Alaric however is using other things. He liked the size of his sister’s boxes but could NOT tolerate the Hello Kitty. Not that I blame him. We have tried it with the sandwich keeper containers from Tupperware and those so far have worked out pretty well. However after looking online I could not really find a box that he really liked that was not a lot more money than I was prepared to spend. So as a trial I bought one of the HK boxes in blue and tried taking off the HK part. It worked suprisingly well. With a little fine wet/dry sandpaper and running water I managed to get the character off the top with only a little effort. After it had dried I used some colored permanent markers and made a small turtle design on the top. He was quite pleased with it when he saw it Friday morning.

Alaric bento closed Alaric bento open

So as you can see they are interesting to look at a good size and hold a lot of food. The ones on Friday held baby carrots, extra roast beef, rice, roast beef stars and cheese stars with some olives for color on the rice for the top layer. The bottom layer held lemon jello, green grapes, watermelon circles, and vanilla sugar wafer cookies. They had a little plastic spoon for the jello and a small pick to eat the fruit with. The children say they have had plenty of time to finish and have not gotten teased at all. I like it as somehow it seems easier to get a good balance of foods into them. I have been liking them enough that I even went and bought me a green hello kitty bento box since it was only a dollar. I figured having an easy way to pack me an appropriate lunch couldn’t be all bad either. I am still waiting for the interesting container I got for myself to come from  Tupperware but then I will have 2 different containers for myself for lunches.

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    Oh my gosh! How FUN! What is Bento? Is it a type of cooking or a life philosophy or…? OK, I guess I should just go google it, huh? 😛

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