Tomorrow is the first day of school, my darling’s birthday and the day things really get back into the routines of the majority of the year.

We have been attempting to get back on schedule for several weeks but things keep interfering. Overall I am proud of the progress we have made. I have the kids mostly ready. We have all the required school supplies, we have checked their clothes and picked up the few things they needed. Now of course we have to pack it all up and get it into the backpacks to head off to school. We have even come up with the plan for lunches.

Lunch for the kids at school has been a huge conflict between T and I for the last several years. She wants to have a salad or something different than just a sandwich. Well we have tried several different things and honestly nothing has worked. Last week while picking up something else I saw some Hello Kitty Obento/Bento containers at the dollar store. No I really have no clue where I learned about Bento and what it is. T and A both read about it in a Highlights magazine earlier this year. Well after thinking about it, talking about it with Devin and even eating lunch out at a Japanese restaurant we decided to go ahead and pick up the containers and try it. So I picked up enough for 2 different days so we always have a clean one. I then picked up a few things to make the packing of it easier and quicker (like precooked mini sausages!) and we made some rice. A was not enthusiastic about it at all and said he would stick with the sandwich. Well since I wanted to practice and try this out I made him one as a “trial”. They went over very well. Both are very excited about it and this is almost a scary thing that could easily turn into an obsession. But I told the kids that this is a treat and we HAVE to get it packed and in the fridge the night before as I refuse to put them together in the morning.  If they don’t get done we can always fall back on the basic sandwich lunch. Tomorrow of course is the real test. Can they eat it in the designated time allowed? Will they get teased by their classmates? Or will as we suspect they set yet another trend for the school and eventually the town? Kind of funny but us fixing a challenge or problem has turned into a trend at school in the past so it is a concern.

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