Well it really is Autumn

There is a blanket of dead leaves over my grass. There seem to be dead dry leaves everywhere around my house. It took quite some time to clean them out of the carport today. There are lots and lots of spiders and their little egg sacs everywhere too. I cleaned off the cobwebs and what spiders and eggs I could find while cleaning up today. I spent about 2 hours cleaning out my carport. It has been home to spiders, garbage and other junk for most of the late spring and all summer. Today I decided enough was enough. I have a very large and distinguished pile of trash ready for fall cleanup already. I even managed to clear off several shelves of things that were just out there and replaced them with a small cabinet that had doors that was already in the carport. I still have more to do but the carport was swept, cleared out, moved around a bit as needed, and now my car is even parked in it. I actually think I cleared it out enough that we could park both cars in there.

The kids seem to be doing well back at school. Not a lot of homework which is slightly throwing off the evening groove. So far I have been enjoying my time to myself and have actually gotten some overdue things done. I don’t necessarily feel like I have done enough. But something is better than nothing. Most importantly I am not feeling behind on anything really. We even have begun to tweak the evening routines so things get done around the house but on a regular basis and no one does too much. So far we have been working on it only this week but it seems to be going better. Of course we have a new incentive in the house to really get things done. Devin got an Xbox for his birthday. Granted it is an older system and not up to date but heck it is fun. The kids have been enjoying Mech Assault and Devin has been enjoying Halo. The other game that came with the one we bought was Syberia. I have been wanting to play this game since before it came out in 2002. It is a different kind of game than others I have played before. Some of the game play was frustrating but I enjoyed it overall. I actually finished it completely last night(I love the online hint/walkthrough websites!).

I am glad that I decided not to really buy the children any school clothes yet. They both just had or are having a growth spurt. Alaric has outgrown nearly all his pants in the last 2 weeks. Luckily he still has a few until I can figure out where he is at. I have decided to just wash what clothes they have more often and get rid of things that are definitely too small. Then we will go from there as we figure out what they really need and would wear.

In other news it is official we are actually taking a “family” vacation. In November all 4 of us are going to be flying to Las Vegas for a week. Granted Devin will be doing some work in there somewhere but it is mostly vacation. We are all excited and looking forward to it. I am even trying to get the kids some swimming lessons before we go down so we can actually take advantage of the swimming pools if the weather cooperates.

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