So much to blog

Not even sure where to start.

Alaric had a birthday and a party with friends. We have been tearing through the house and cleaning more.  Did our room and Alaric’s room. Still have the girl’s room to go. I finally fixed the shelves in my craft cabinet and made small amounts of progress on my personal hell hole. We all had a 2 day virus of some sort and got over it. We have about 21 days til we leave on Vacation to Las Vegas and quite things happening between now and then.

Oh on a happy note the kids finally started their swim lessons. The first try was cancelled because of an imbalance in the pool chemicals. Then the second try was cancelled because they were both getting over this virus where they were exhausted and had fevers. (The virus? Yeah both children went to bed WAY early 1 night and slept over 14 hours each on the night they were sickest.) So finally they had their first lesson early Saturday morning. They loved it and their teacher was fantastic. Devin and I sat on a bench and giggled madly at their antics. She kept them having fun yet by the time their hour was up they were nearly swimming. Today after a long sleep in to the point we all missed church we went to the Family Swim in the afternoon. We all had a good time and Devin and I were just amazed at how much more progress the kids made practicing today. I have high hopes that they will be swimming by the time we go to Vegas.

Notes to myself of things to blog about. Alaric’s birthday including his Lego birthday cake (with pictures). My pretty fall mums by the front door (pictures of course!). And um something that I can’t remember.

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    Happy Birthday to him! Sorry to hear about the illness. I’m hearing about something similar from people all over the place – must be going around. :0(

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