Vegas 2007

I just uploaded a couple of photos from our Vegas trip in November 2007. I am slowly working on figuring out what I want to blog.

This picture was taken on our way out to baggage claim at the Las Vegas airport. There are some neat large statue like things of various desert animals. The children being the geeky kids they are decided they wanted to pretend to run away from scorponok in the desert ala Transformers movie.

running from scorpion

This one almost needs no explanation. Except maybe that we had lunch at Planet Hollywood. Not that any of us thought the food was all that good. The decor was awesome food not so much.

Vegas family photo

Interesting thing is, after looking through all the pictures I think this was the only picture of all 4 of us at the same time while we were in Las Vegas. I did get a few family pictures taken by professionals. If I can manage somehow to get my scanner working again, I might even try getting copies of them online.


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    Cute family pic! LOL about the Transformers one.

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