Vegas Trip summary

In November we took a family vacation. I don’t know if we had ever taken a vacation where we went somewhere on an airplane that wasn’t to visit family. We like visiting family but we also wanted our children to experience a vacation where we went somewhere on an airplane, did touristy things, and stayed in a hotel.

We were gone for an entire week and we had a fantastic time! Devin only had to work a single day during the middle of the week to do presentations for the conference he was speaking at. The conference provided us with a huge suite and we paid a bit extra so the kids had their own beds which was smart! We only stayed at Mandalay Bay for 3 nights and then moved down to the Excalibur. Mandalay Bay was extremely nice! Excalibur was very middle of the road not that we were expecting great rooms for the price we paid.

Our swimming lessons were put to excellent use the couple of times we went to the swimming area at Mandalay Bay. That was fantastic, we all loved the wave pool and the lazy river ride. The kids really enjoyed the current and swimming in circles. Devin’s parents came down for part of the week as well and we had a wonderful time with them too.

So we did a ton of touristy things. We discovered this nifty passport thingy we could purchase that allowed us to do a bunch of different attractions each day for 1 price. We bought ours for 5 days. The things we did: Start Trek the experience. Treanna and Alaric did NOT enjoy the Borg experience so much so that Treanna refused to do the Klingon part of it. Devin regretted doing the Klingon part as he was quite motion sick afterwards. We did enjoy eating at the Cafe as well. The kids enjoyed their Glok! a traditional klingon dish. We also had the odd experience of a vulcan telling me that my children were excellent examples of humanity. I just about died laughing. However at this point our children were extremely tired and had been up for 12 or more hours.

We went to the Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage and enjoyed it so much we went back another day with Devin’s parents. We went to the Eiffel Tower experience with Devin’s parents. We also toured all sorts of casinos and just looked! There was so much to see and it was all larger than life. We all really enjoyed the Bellagio fountains as well as the Conservatory inside the Bellagio. We went through the King Tut’s tomb replica at the Luxor a couple of times and the kids and I did the ride thingy they had there as well. I also went on the Manhattan Express roller coaster with the kids. They had not been on a roller coaster before so it was an interesting experience. I am still not sure how I convinced them to go on it again. Then they somehow talked their father into try it out. Devin and the roller coaster did not get along at all. We also went to M&M world as well as the Coca Cola store.

In all we had a wonderful trip and are looking forward to planning another family vacation next year. We did learn a couple of things, one of which that we want to look into renting a condo/apartment type thing for future vacations for meal planning. Because of various allergies and just plain choosiness eating was a struggle some days. The other thing was that renting a car was a good thing in Las Vegas, everything is so far apart that we still did a ton of walking but when we were at one far end of the strip getting to the very opposite end would have been more of a pain without the vehicle.

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