This past halloween was the second year that we have let the children go trick or treating. I had a few simple rules for their costumes, 1 They had to be creative and 2 They had to be cheap or homemade. This is what the end result was.

Treanna as a Jedi Knight. She originally wanted to be Shaak Ti but struggled with the time to get my help making the head part. I told her we would concentrate on the jedi part of the costume as that would be our fall back plan. Thus:

Treanna Jedi Knight

Of course you cannot see her awesome hair do (a leia-like roll around the head like a crown), or her riding style boots and other small details that make the outfit. She has her Dad’s purple lightsaber in hand and a back up hanging from her utility belt.

Alaric as the 9th Doctor from BBC’s Doctor Who television show.

Just the Doctor

Yes that is a sonic screwdriver prop. His cosutme is so dark you really cannot see how neat it turned out. He chose the typical v-neck sweater for his top and has slacks and oxford style dress shoes. The coat was the hardest to find but I did find it second-hand and he thought it was perfect (which is all the counts). I really wanted him to be the 10th Doctor but did not want to spend $70+ on a pinstripe suit!

They had fun and still have too much candy left over.

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    Cute costumes! We’ve never gone door-to-door to t-o-t, but we do always dress up and do some Halloween activities.

    Had to ask Mark to explain the sonic screwdriver thing to me, LOL!!

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