the cure

I have been a reader of Apartment Therapy for a few years now. I came really close to participating in the Spring Cure last year but could not decide what to do so I skipped it. Well this year because of a variety of circumstances I am going to participate. Mainly because if I don’t take some before and after pictures I might forget what all things were.

In the next 2 months (hopefully less) we are going to be drastically rearranging our entire house. The back room/computer room is going to end up being gutted even more than it has been. Our bedroom is going to be trimmed and streamlined and put into that room. I am also going to be emptying out my things from the upstairs bathroom which includes finding a new place for my dressing table. The dining room is going to be tweaked as we are still unhappy with how the storage has worked out in that room. The end result should be a much more livable arrangement.

The main purpose for this is that we are making room for my mother to come and live with us. We are very excited but we know that the decision was not easy for everyone. It is for the best but there is a lot of work involved in making this happen. I am proud of how much she has been already doing.

 Of course there is much more happening in my life but a start is a start for blogging again. I will be taking some “before” photos.

I have a deadline of a few weeks to make as much happen as possible because I am taking a temporary job for about 2 months.

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