The sound of things to come?

While problem solving earlier in the month for Treanna we found out that since she lost her little CD player (or had it taken) she has had a more difficult time getting to sleep. So we let her borrow a boombox that was sitting doing nothing. She started sleeping a bit better almost immediately. Somehow, I am still not sure exactly how, Alaric conned her into letting him borrow the boombox and turning it up loud enough they could both hear it. Thus 2 children who start sleeping better at night.

Now that we are seriously evaluating everything Devin and I realized we had a nice little stereo system in our room that was literally a dust catcher. We just hardly ever turned it on. With the rearrangements we have a far easier time getting access to music we want than the children do. So we offered it to Treanna. So she redid her bedside table to make room for this and I helped her move it into her room.

Now so far today, the first day of spring break I have hardly seen my children. For the most part they have been going back into their rooms to do things in their. For the last hour the only thing I have heard at all from the children is the muted echoes of their stereos through closed doors. Quiet, solitude and possibly a glimpse of the future.

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