The garden in photos

PICT2312 My surprise flower that I still don’t know what it is. One stalk was pink and the other a delicate light yellow.

PICT2323 The front bed after I cleaned it out and moved the tree in the center from its previous place in the corner nearest the front door. It was growing sideways, it is much better looking now.

PICT2332 The very healthy oregano, with chives on its left. Unfortunately the basil and parsley really did not fair well. Some pretty petunias in the birdhouse box on the fence.

PICT2331 Our spiral of succulents. The top kettle was mothers and the rest were mine but empty.

PICT2325 Our extremely healthy and happy tomatoes. Seriously never had tomatoes ever do this well before. I think I have a combination of containers and sun in the right spots. You cannot quite see a really pretty planter box on the right hand side of the chairs.

PICT2321 This is my hanging basket out front, Mom helped choose things and planted them, they turned out VERY pretty.

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  1. Sharon Workman says:

    Hi Stephanie, I really like your new format for your blogs. Also, your flowers and greens are very lovely. I am jealous of you, I use to sit and think in my room for hours and write ( I had piles of notebooks and stuff from highschool and shortly afterwards), now at this point in my life I have no time at all so I am really far removed from journaling and blogging or even thinking at times. Thank you so much for sharing your garden and thoughts with me and the rest of us who were actually introduced to your site years ago and still really love the sweet thoughts, ideas (are those two things the same?) and words that come out of you. I do remember looking at your link about seven years ago after Mike sent me his site address. It is funny, that I use to read Victoria Magazine as well. I might have to send you a recipe for clotted cream if you do not currently have one, although I am sure you do. Perhaps we would have been great friends if we had spent more time together and if I had not scurried down here to California.

    Ah well, see you on facebook!

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