My son a scout

I finally managed to get photos of Alaric in his webelos cub scout uniform. My mom had taken photos but I thought they were unrecoverable. However my darling husband did a good job of finding them on the SD card so here are some photos. This was from the night before scout camp at Alaric’s first wearing of his uniform. He went with my Mom to a scouting event where they had a police officer and a K9 unit do some demonstrations. It was fun.



My handsome boy all dressed up and ready to go.



Just checking out the police car.


I do not have any photos from scout camp. However Devin and Alaric had a great time and Alaric is very sure he wants to continue in scouting now.

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3 Responses to My son a scout

  1. I’ve got a few photos on my cell I’ll try to remember to pull off tomorrow.

  2. Sharon Workman says:

    Hi Stephanie. My Callen is going to start his wolf program this next month. He is totally excited too. Your Alaric looks fabulous and like he’s ready for lots of great fun.

  3. Kris says:

    Alaric looks so much like Devin at that age. 🙂 I’m so glad they both had a good time at camp!!

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