September 2009 first of the overdue posts…

Lots of things have been happening and I doubt I could even remember them all so I am going to dig up a few photos to share of the last few months.


The 1st day of September we went to the local fair at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds here in Monroe. My little brother Christopher was up as well though for some odd reason I do not have a single photo of him. Weird. Well I did find a photo of him from either before or after we went to the fair that day.



So the children’s friends came with us and here are some photos of them at the fair enjoying their treat. 




Mom thought this chainsaw sculpture was really neat so wanted a photo with it



Also in the middle of September I got a giant pile of wood chips delivered.


045  This is the before photo. It took over a month to get the entire thing moved! Now nearly every single bed around my house it filled with wood chips. It is helping with the weeds though lots more need to be dug up under the several inches thick wood chips. I will plan on taking some photos when it is warmer and neater outside. The wind and the cold is not making it look pretty at all.


The kids started school and like a complete space-case I totally and completely forgot first day of school photos. Alaric is in his last year of Elementary school in 5th grade and while we were unsure at the beginning of the school year if we liked his teacher we are pleased with her now. Treanna is in 7th grade and has a couple of favorite teachers again this year but otherwise has all new teachers and it really doing well.  Here is the kids with their new to them laptops that they got from Dad just in time for school to start. They have to check them in and out and the priority is for school work but so far it has worked out great.





Near the end of the month we had a day at the Camp-O-Rama for the local boy scout council. This time both Devin and I went with Alaric for the day to the beautiful Camp Brinkley.  


We stayed through the closing campfire but I think the above were two of the best photos of the day. Alaric in the second one is doing a mountain bike race with his pack and this was his second go-around after a spectacular wipe-out the first time.


Then our boy turned 11 and here are some photos from his birthday.

077 His special A shaped breadstick.

079 Him and his cake!


I think that pretty much sums up September. I do know that in the middle of the month Alaric did the scouting for food at the local Fred Meyer’s and they all managed to collect a lot for the local food bank. Plus the kids had school photos which I will remember to scan and put up sometime. The only other significant event is that we had started attending church again and have been attending since then.

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