Why my desk chair is now an exercise ball

In no particular order

1. My ball makes a great substitute for a desk chair keeping me a lot more ergonomic and not hunching over.

2. My exercise ball is now in a safe and convenient place for me to use it for exercise and especially stretching.

3. People are less likely to sit in my chair and get on my computer now, not everyone likes to sit on the exercise ball.

4. I can bounce along to music or just bounce slightly on my ball while I am working on my computer.

5. I do not dread sitting at my computer to do things nearly as much.

6. I got to toss my desk chair that I despised out of my room and do not ever have to sit in it again.

7. My ball fit into the opening of my desk perfectly like it was meant to go there.

8. In just the last week my core and low back have already gotten stronger.

9. It is a lot more fun to sit on a ball than a chair. No one cares that I twitch and jiggle constantly nearly as much.

10. The chair pissed me off and the ball makes me happy.

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