A thing of beauty

Anyone who knows me knows that I adore beautiful things. I mean really really adore them. I often feel silly because I want some of the most trivial objects to be beautiful. As I am out and about I keep an eye out and have a list I keep in my head and sometimes on paper of things I wish for.

One of the things I adore thanks to Victoria magazine are Waverly fabrics and Toile print fabrics. Now toile prints can be overwhelming so I kind of want accents for a room out of the fabric not an entire room done in it top to bottom. While at a store last month with my mother I spotted a red and cream toile tablecloth by Waverly. I adored it, carried around with me while shopping, put it back and then finally called my husband to ask permission to buy it. He said to buy it if they had a good return policy. Well they did so I bought the tablecloth and 8 matching napkins (no I don’t use them together way too much pattern).

When I got them home I tried them on the table and decided it was a perfect fit for my style, my china, and my table. So I left it there over the next several days. Then my darling husband brought me home the most gorgeous arrangement. I borrowed Mom’s huge heavy lead crystal vase and this is the result.


Not sure if you can really spot the arrangement but they are gorgeous long stemmed pink roses and white mini carnations. It smelled fantastic and look very nice with the toile tablecloth.

My husband has fantastic taste and loves to spoil me. Thank you dear!

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