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Being dairy-free and gluten-free around the holidays can be a difficult thing. Yesterday was not only Thanksgiving but our daughter’s 14th birthday. We tend to not do a traditional Thanksgiving anyway so we decided to skip any tradition at all and do something non-traditional. Talking with my best friend she suggested Chinese or Asian cuisine for the main meal. I liked the idea and floated it by everyone else. Devin liked it as did the birthday girl Treanna.

So the menu became:

Spicy Cashew Chicken from the official Cheesecake factory recipe (which needed a bit of conversion to be gluten and dairy free

WP_000085 An after shot of it all done.

Some stir-fried vegetables

And plain steamed rice.


For desserts I saved us all from a very odd thing as she wanted chocolate and yellow cake with multiple layers of flavors like mint, orange, lemon etc. Instead I suggested something much simpler yet more complicated.

So we had a gluten-free dairy-free chocolate cake made from a Bob’s red mill mix with a Crisco frosting that was pink and peppermint flavored. The second batch of frosting worked yet the first was a massive failure.


Then we had some pumpkin ginger bars which were really not that great not enough flavor so I tossed the recipe. Again gluten and dairy free.

Lemon bars that needed more lemon flavor but were still good. I screwed up a couple of things but surprisingly the crust turned out fine being made with gluten free flour and butter flavored crisco instead of traditional flour and butter.

And orange petit fours. I must confess the orange petit fours turned out the absolute best. We used a Betty Crocker gluten free yellow cake mix as the start. Added some orange oil (was supposed to be orange extract but T grabbed the wrong bottle) and baked them 12 at a time in my mini cupcake pan. Then we sliced them in half and put a thin layer of orange marmalade in the middle. Then I mixed up a recipe of petit four frosting glaze and added a few drops of orange extract along with the vanilla. They turned out pretty and WOW delicious. I need to make more petit fours.

WP_000087 WP_000088

I was able to use my black pastry stands to display the desserts.  Treanna was extremely happy with how everything turned out and enjoyed her day.

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  1. Vanessa says:

    Sorry to leave this comment on this post, but as of right now I don’t have a good way to respond directly to comments on my blog. And, I wanted to make sure you knew that I read the comment that you just posted and really appreciated your kind words.
    I agree that perhaps having some way to make posters less anonymous might be a good idea. It holds people a bit accountable, at least.
    I’m so glad to hear of this fabulous purple purse and yellow cardigan! I hope you wear them both together! Thanks again for the sweet and encouraging words.
    Ps. I am not gluten or dairy free — but those pastry stands and the little desserts displayed on them look delicious! You’re quite the baker!

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