Funnel Cakes, kitchens, and cast iron!

One of the things I most often miss about being dairy and gluten-free are things like the occasional doughnut or other type of dessert. For the past few weeks I have been thinking about donuts and how to make them at home. Well today I decided was the day. To start off one of the big things is cooking them in oil. Keeping the oil a consistent temperature has been a difficulty in the past. Last week we pulled out some of the cast iron out of storage and with my Mom’s help the fry pans were re-seasoned (that is a whole other story about teaching some scouts how to cook and keep their pans in good shape for the next campout) and we have been using them a bit. I had realized that it would probably be cheaper in the long run to use a well-seasoned cast iron skillet than keep buying non-stick pans as they wear out and get ruined.

So today after church I looked at some of the doughnut recipes and was checking to see what would most convert to dairy and gluten free. While looking in my Mom’s country morning cookbook in the doughnut and fritter chapter (yes chapter!) there was a recipe for funnel cakes. I looked at that and thought ooooh super easy! Then it got even easier. The recipe calls for 2 eggs, 1 cup milk, 1 3/4 cups flour, 1 tsp baking powder, 1 tsp sugar, and 1/4 tsp salt. I realized that the pancake mix that I mix up from the Cooking for Isaiah cookbook is nearly in that combination. So I decided to really make it easy on myself and mix up a double batch quickly. First I beat the eggs and then the rice milk together (I would use coconut next time) and just added the exact same measure of the pancake mix (3 1/2 for a double batch) and boom done. I did have to add more rice milk to the batter as it got too thick to pour into the pan. So what does a funnel cake pitcher look like? Glad you asked. I took photos of the process. The finished funnel cakes were delicious, easy and fairly quick to make.


This is the pitcher my Mom brought with her just for making funnel cakes. This actually makes it easy to do.


Cooking in the small cast iron skillet so I did not have to use too much oil.



And the finished product before  Alaric scarfed it down.



The other thing I recently completed was redoing the entire kitchen. I even added a shelf to a cupboard to make it more usable.  I also was able to eliminate most of the boxes and plastic bags for things in the cupboards so things are either in a plastic jar with a screw on lid, a glass jar, or some other type of bin to make using them easier. With gluten-free cooking I use about 6 or more different flours for various things. Just to make the multi-use flour mix I use the most I use 4 separate ingredients not counting the salt.



I pulled out the bin thing so you can see how easy it is to reach all the stuff in the back now. Those were hardware type things that are just bins and are narrow and long. I bought them at a yard sale years ago for like 10cents a piece. They have made the difference in my kitchen all along. They make it easy to not lose things in the very back of the cupboard.  Already the food cupboards are much more usable. Cooking and preparation has already been smoother than it has been for some time. Most importantly I was able to remove things from the kitchen that we don’t and cannot eat any longer.


I also flung several bags of guilt. I had things that I have not used ever and were still in my kitchen. I finally decided enough was a enough and all of those things left the house. I ended up taking nearly an entire load of items to goodwill between the books, housewares, shoes, and vhs tapes that we emptied out of the house in the last few weeks.

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