New Dining Table

Yes I know I don’t update. Too much going on and I don’t want to do large posts. So I have decided to do smaller ones.

This was my previous Dining table (after I kicked it out of the house). It had really reached the end of its life. While big and sturdy enough it was worn out, scratched and just sad.


I have been looking for a replacement for years. Just had not found anything that was the right color, style, wood or I even liked.

Last month while driving down the street with my Mother, I told her STOP we just passed my table. So we backed up and looked at this beautiful oak table that needed some help and I liked it. Then the lady offering it for free offered me the 2 leaves that went with it allowing easily 10-12 to sit at the table and I said I will be right back to pick it up. So I went and got my car and picked up the table and brought it home.


Nice lines but as you can see it needed some TLC. I wanted to paint the top but was instead told to refinish it. So I stripped the top, sanded it and filled the few spots that had problems. After it was nice and smooth I used some medium stain on the top. I had the stripper, the sandpaper, and even the stain. I only had to pick up wood filler and polyurethane. Then 4 layers of polyurethane to finish it off.


All finished outside. Just waiting for it to go into place.


Nice improvement. Now that it is in place I am surprised at the difference it has already made in the dining room. We are all enjoying the new table.

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  1. Kris H. says:

    Looks like you did a great job refinishing it!

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