In honor of my Birthday

Today I will be 40 years old. I do not feel old and even have a couple of friends who are more than twice my age. I am not sure if my younger self ever really truly thought about what it would be like to be 40.

However in honor of this milestone in my life I decided to share 40 things that I normally either do not talk about or doubt I have actually written down before. So 40 things about me in no particular order:

  1. I like to play video games, especially first person shooters. I have my own xbox360 and just noticed I have a gamer score of over 10k.
  2. I married my husband of almost 17 years just 3 weeks after I met him at a Science Fiction convention.
  3. I have an autoimmune disease that affects my daily quality of life. I take medication daily just so I can function. I need more sleep and am often tired as a result of this.
  4. I have celiac disease and so eat no gluten at all, my life has drastically improved since finding this out just a couple of  years ago.
  5. Before I found out about gluten my doctor and I figured out that dairy was a huge allergy and was making me constantly sick. The first time I realized I didn’t hurt in my gut; I realized just how much I hurt constantly for years.
  6. Due to treating the above issues my hair has been more brown than red in the last 10 years. It made me sad so I started to treat my hair with henna. Now I am happy as my hair is my more familiar red.
  7. I have been a member of the Episcopal church for 13 years. It wasn’t where I thought I would go but everything about the traditions and even doctrine sing to my soul. The friends we have because of it are marvelous.
  8. I actually hate taking pictures of everything, I prefer to just live and enjoy the moment I am in, if I do take photos it is because I think of a specific person I would want to have been there.
  9. My husband’s family is small and I value his parents more than I can say. I know they love me and not just because I married their son.
  10. One of our dearest friends we met online playing a video game. 11+ years later we made sure he is nearby and he lives 3 doors down the street. He is not the only real-life friend we first met online.
  11. We have a large library in our home that my husband alphabetizes by author. The genre is almost entirely science fiction and fantasy.
  12. 2 years ago I quit messing around and found a violin teacher. While I will never be a professional, I am happy with my progress and growing skill. I enjoy playing familiar songs and learning more difficult ones.
  13. Also 2 years ago I started attending karate regularly. Some days I am amazed I still want to do it, yet I found it enjoyable and endlessly challenging in new ways. I see this as a way to have a lifelong physical art I can work on.
  14. With me joining karate my entire family now does it together. I am currently the lowest rank in my family.
  15. I am actually friends with my mother and have been for most of my adult life. We enjoy spending time together. Now that she lives with us it can be a challenge but I am happy for the time we regularly have together. Trading roles is part of the progression of life. I still enjoy the fact that she lives with us.
  16. I had a huge teddy bear collection when I was younger. Now that collection has been pared down to my absolute favorites which fit on a single shelf and some of the ornaments on my tree.
  17. I love tea and all the things that go with it. I have beautiful teacups and teapots. I usually have a pot of tea every day.
  18. My other favorite thing is cupcakes. Took me a long time to figure out why I liked them so much. It is because it is a beautiful little cake I do not ever have to share.
  19. I love to match or coordinate especially with my clothes and accessories.
  20. To make sure I have things to go with my outfits, I make a lot of my own jewelry and hair accessories.
  21. I am a full-time homemaker. Mostly because I am better at those skills than my spouse, we carefully negotiated the chores and he has figured the monetary value to us to have me work at home.
  22. Both of my children are on the autism spectrum.
  23. This meant a lot of work when they were little. While still a lot of work and needy even as teenagers, I am immensely proud of how well they are doing and that most people have no idea they are autistic at all.
  24. I read at least one novel a week on average over the course of the year. There are times where I can finish a book a day. Then read nothing for a few weeks so I can get caught up again.
  25. Despite knowing how to be a homemaker I needed help and joined Flylady over 10 years ago.
  26. In my home perfect is a dirty word. I firmly believe it is the biggest lie of the enemy and has caused more hurt than any other human concept ever. I battle this lie on a daily basis.
  27. I have actually given things up for Lent. Now I usually add a positive habit or change instead.
  28. I have several favorite flavors mainly Lemon, cinnamon and clove. I love citrus and spices.
  29. My favorite cuisine is Mexican and Latin. I love the spiciness and some of the unusual ingredient combos.
  30. Every time I have ever eaten Indian food I have gotten sick, especially if I tried anything with Tandoori spicing.
  31. I tend not to discuss my weight loss but I have lost and kept off 65 pounds now. It will be more again but an injury to my ribs this last summer seriously put me back a bit.
  32. Up until Summer of 2012 the farthest east I had ever been was Utah. Now I have been as far east as Ohio.
  33. If my hair wasn’t auburn I would want green hair. Never wanted blonde, black or brown.
  34. I love things that are not only beautiful but good quality. I will not settle long for things I find ugly.
  35. I am patient enough to wait and search out bargains for things I truly want. It is not unusual for me to wear a top I paid full price for with a skirt I got for a dollar. Add in shoes bought on sale and accessories I made and that is a typical for me.
  36. Cooking for a family food that is gluten free, dairy free, and meet the rest of the needs is a challenge. We also have no pineapple due to a serious allergy by my husband and son. Soy is an uncommon ingredient as I cannot have much, and seafood is not around much because again I cannot have most of it due to iodine levels. There are days I am surprised I figure out something to eat for everyone. Some days having dinner feels like a miracle.
  37. I was concerned for a while that my children only seemed to have a couple of friends they spent all their time with until I realized my husband and I are the same way.
  38. I like all kinds of music, everything from Pop to Country. I tend not to like a lot of rap as it all sounds the same as do some heavy metal bands. But overall I like a wide variety of music.
  39. That said I tend not to like many musicals, especially if it was written by Andrew Lloyd Weber. I find him boring and by now all the songs way overplayed.
  40. My favorite color is green. I like just about every shade of it and have nearly all shades of it in my wardrobe and even in my home. Luckily I live in the northwest where it is green year round.
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3 Responses to In honor of my Birthday

  1. Kris H. says:

    So nice to learn a little more about you Steph. Sure wish we lived closer and could spend time together. You have been a true blessing to Devin. So glad you married my brother!

  2. Rachael says:

    I knew lots of these but I didn’t realize how extensive the food restrictions were. The fact that you make dinner daily should elevate you to sainthood. I also didn’t know how you felt about pictures. Happy 40th! I love you.

  3. Tonne says:

    WOW—I don’t think I would be able to even make it to a dozen things. You are a wondefully creative woman of God, a true Proverbs 31 wife. As you know, God gave me a promise when Devin was about 12 that I was able to hold on to dearly for several years before you came into his life. Thank you God for Stephanie.

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