Unexpected things I learned from Fashion Bloggers

Some people know that I rather obsessively at times follow fashion, and have lately followed a lot of different fashion bloggers. Up until my computer contracted a rather invasive virus I read about 10+ different fashion blogs daily. Since my computer has been revived I have cut down the number of blogs I read and webcomics I read, as I was spending too much time on them all. Now I read regularly 2 different fashion blogs but follow the links and occasionally peruse a few others.

The ones I read regularly: Already Pretty and WhatIWore2Day 

Now I am sure some of you are thinking why those 2 in particular? Well Kasmira’s blog of WhatIWore2Day was one of the first fashion blogs I ever found. I have been a fairly regular reader for years. It has been interesting to me to see how blogging about her outfits has made her braver in her choices and her style more interesting. She has inspired me to actually explore what I like about my clothes and why I buy certain clothes. As well as why in the world would I wear something just to be invisible and forgettable? She also has such fun second-hand finds that it is nice to read about someone else who keeps fun clothing for years and has no trouble spending 50 cents on one thing and pairing it with something she spent $50 on.

As for Already Pretty, I read her blog because of her positive body imagery as well as her fun fashion. Plus she regular links to fun outfits of people of all sizes, ethnic backgrounds and styles. I have had so many inspirations and even some “Ah-ha” moments about my own personal body image and even my self-esteem. It has even caused me to change how I talk to myself, my children, and even my friends. She is just refreshing and so encouraging to read. Somedays I need the encouragement that I am ok as I am. I can still make positive changes but they need to be for me and myself only.

So onto the unexpected things I have learned:

1. Criticizing anyone for any reason is unacceptable.

Even going whatever possessed her to wear that a.k.a. what not to wear is just wrong. I don’t know this person, I am not them getting dressed in the morning, and I have no right to ever criticize anyone’s choices except my own. In fact I have come to admire people who wear things that I personally would not be brave enough to wear. With the right attitude I really do believe anyone can wear anything.

2. Your body is the only one you have so you have got to cherish it.

Really! I had that reinforced from fashion bloggers. I think the most memorable link I ever followed was to a lovely lady in a wheelchair who was dressed in bright rainbow like colors. Even her wheelchair was bright and friendly. It had me thinking why in the world when I can walk around am I dressing in such drab boring things. I often see links to women of every type, size and health level finding some sort of exercise that they love. I loved reading about the Olympic athlete who was a weight lifter. If you are using and cherishing your body it doesn’t matter what size or shape it is. Real women come in all shapes and sizes. What matters is to love the body you got, it can move, it houses your brain and if you want to you can move mountains.

3. If you don’t want to be boring and drab, don’t be boring and drab!

Seriously if black and other neutral clothing bores you don’t wear it. After noticing that I was drawn to color I started to eliminate most of the black and other neutrals. My main color I wear is green. Someday I will be able to wear a green outfit head to toe. I also wear purple and yellow with my green. There are days I worry that my color choices are too outrageous as I wear a purple coat with a bright green hat or something similar. Yet I always get smiles and positive comments on my outfits. I do still own a few neutrals as they can help lighten up an outfit or in the case of blue jeans be more practical for my lifestyle.

4. Dress for yourself and wear what makes you happy!

Since I started reading fashion blogs, I have learned so much about fashion and classic fashion icons. I want to be even more interesting as I get older, I do not want to be forgettable. If that is the case then I need to dress what is interesting to me. If I want to wear flowers in my hair year round, I do! If I want to wear bright colors like yellow and green then I will! I dress mostly to please myself and the rest of the time to fit within the social norms within society. However I will not dress in black because it is slimming as I have a great body and it makes me happy. It can do pushups! It had 2 children! It allows me to enjoy music by singing, playing violin and even dancing! I sometimes hate the cliché of God doesn’t make junk but seriously, my body is an amazing creation.  Just because things are traditional to wear because of a body style or that it will help you look better isn’t always the case. I am happier when I wear more color, being happy makes me look healthier. I have more confidence when I like my clothes. Having clothes I love is worth it, I am worth it. That was a hard lesson for me to learn, as I often put my own needs last. Since I have been putting my own first, it has been easier to meet others needs. I don’t burn out and have enough energy and love for everyone else, because I love myself enough to make me happy.

Is this everything I learned, not at all. However these were all very important things to learn for myself. Life is too short to not enjoy every day and that includes what you clothe yourself with.

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