An Epic Road Trip

Last Summer we went on a 5000+ mile road trip from Washington to Michigan and back. It was a fantastic family trip and we got to see some of the most amazing things. It would have been blogged about months ago but unfortunately the very last day of the trip, I fell and hurt myself. Lots of things have been sliding for the last several months.

I did make a pinterest board with some of the places we went, including photos I had taken.  Our Road Trip Pinterest Board

Everyone had different parts they really enjoyed. The major highlight of the trip was to visit Devin’s Grandmother in Michigan and spend several days with her, including seeing the farm she has lived on for a long time. While we were there in Michigan we got to see some fantastic lightening storms which was a new experience for me and my children.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest you see different sorts of mountains and trees. Colorado had mountains that were very different from the here. For the most part we enjoyed all the different places we visited. We saw several National Monuments and Parks including: Devil’s Tower, Mt. Rushmore, Little Bighorn Battlefield, Dinosaur National Monument, and the John Day Fossil Beds and Painted Hills in Eastern Oregon. We also saw not only the Shoshone Falls in Idaho but the Multnomah Falls in Oregon. We also saw the largest rail yard for Union Pacific called the Bailey rail yards and went to the museum and Golden Spike viewing tower and visitors center located right next to it. Continuing the Railroad theme we also saw the Union Pacific outdoor rail museum that is right outside the main museum at the old train station. I felt a bit old realizing I had actually taken a train from that station when I was younger and now it is a museum.

We camped at KOA along the way and stayed in a Cabin at our destination in Indiana which was just a few miles from Grandma’s farm in Michigan. We definitely want to continue camping at KOAs as that was a very enjoyable experience. For the most part we were not disappointed at the campgrounds and we got very good at setting up camp by the end of the trip. There was more than one reason we camped, 1 it was more reasonable pricewise and 2 it made it easier for us to eat according to our dietary restrictions. We did eat our a few times but that was usually the exception rather than the rule.

It was the farthest east I have ever been in my life, I enjoyed seeing all the rivers. I thought the toll roads were weird and not sure I thought that way of doing roads were any better than how we do in Washington. I really appreciated the hills and mountains of home when we were going through the prairies and farms in the middle of the country.

We went there over I90 for the most part and came back by going south from Illinois so we could travel through Denver, Utah and Eastern Oregon for the return home. There was a lot of planning in advance and things were not exact but it was a wonderful trip.

In the future we know we want to go to some more National Parks and Monuments and would even love to go to the Redwoods.

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