Books I have read and will recommend to others

Some people know I read. I read a lot, I mean 50+ novels a year a lot. I actually don’t keep track of how many books I read a year. I do know I regularly check out 5-10 books from the library every 3-4 weeks. This of course is just the fiction I read it doesn’t even touch the non-fiction I read. I read at least 1 non-fiction book a month and sometime more depending on what my current research or learning topics are. I also read a handful of blogs and usually follow the links to read the original research being quoted in the blog. Over the last few years I have actually been learning how to interpret scientific studies fairly quickly so I can understand what others are saying in response to those studies.

My favorite genre of fiction is still science fiction and fantasy. We have shelves and shelves full of books in that very genre. I also regularly check out the library to see what is new and to find new to me authors to read. I will be honest the regular science fiction and fantasy section in our local library sucks, lots of the same old white guys writing the same stuff I have read for years and years. I want new stuff and I want to be entertained! I went looking a while ago for a specific author and ended up finding them in the “Teen” section of our library. I hit the jackpot and have since been browsing the teen section pretty regularly. I have discovered and shared quite a few new authors from the young adult section. Plus I find lots of variety in the material presented, I can read about female protagonists, there are all sorts of races represented. Unfortunately the vast majority of what I read and find to read is still very much white centric.

Now that you have some back ground I have a large handful of authors and books to post about. I am going to post them with the “BIHR: author or series name here”.  If you are looking for some new to you stuff to read please check these authors and series out.

Off to read another chapter in the latest book from the library!

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