BIHR: Once Upon a Time by Dennis McKiernan


There are five books in this series, also referred to as the “Faery Series” on the author’s homepage.  I eagerly waited and devoured them all upon their release. The series tells the story of four siblings from Faery who inhabit the four seasons realm and their parents. It deals with an ancient enemy of faery and how each sibling find their partner and help with the defeat of the enemy. I love how all are equal and that the females are just as likely to be the heroines and save people as the males.

These were just very satisfying reads and I have read them several times now. They actually take up bookshelf space as they are worth reading more than once.

Each book title is a link to the cover page and foreword from the author’s website.

Book 1: Once Upon a Winter’s Night

I must confess that upon finishing this book I actually wrote a fan email to the author. This time I received an answer and found out that I had apparently written to him on his birthday. I adore faery tales of all kinds but East of the Sun and West of the Moon was always my favorite growing up. Dennis’s retelling is an expanded but faithful rendition of the story.

Book 2: Once Upon A Summer Day


Book 3: Once Upon an Autumn Eve


Book 4: Once Upon a Spring Morn


Book 5: Once Upon a Dreadful Time


To learn more about the author and see a list of his other books might I suggest either his wikipedia page:

or his author page and more about his other high fantasy setting Mithgar

Small confession that all cover pictures were copied from Amazon.

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