BIHR: Stork Trilogy Wendy Delsol

This modern setting fantasy was very interesting especially for its mix of Nordic theology with an American Midwest setting. I really enjoyed the personal growth of the main character in the first book Stork and how she discovered how to fit into the small town her mother was from.

The second book Frost was fantastic for me mainly because the heroine rescues her boyfriend from the clutches of evil. I like it when the roles are reversed and the female is the rescuer.

The third book Flock deals with consequences from both of the other books and neatly wraps things up in such a way that with a group of people our heroine is able to rescue the world from evil but with a serious drawback of giving up a lot of the very things that made her unique.

For more about the author Wendy DelsolWendy Delsol  you can visit her site.

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