Kubota Japanese Garden Seattle

One of the lovely places we discovered a few years ago was the Kubota Japanese Garden in South Seattle. It is an absolutely amazing garden created by one man who emigrated to Seattle from Japan in 1907. He had established a gardening company and in 1927 purchased 5 acres in the Rainier Beach neighborhood of Seattle. Fujitaro Kubota wanted to showcase the beauty of the Pacific North West in a Japanese manner. Several other public examples of his work include the Seattle University campus as well as Bloedel reserve Japanese garden on Bainbridge Island. Fujitaro Kubota was awarded in 1972 with rare honor from his native Japan of the Fifth Class Order of the Sacred Treasure, “for his achievements in his adopted country, for introducing and building respect for Japanese Gardening in this area.”  He died the following year at age 94.  It took until 1987 for the City of Seattle to acquire the historical landmark as a park.

The Kubota Foundation has much of the history above on there website as well as current park information.

And now some photos from my last visit to the park.

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