My Vibram Five Fingers or my “weird shoes”

After reading all the odd things that some people said about Vibram Five Fingers I was a bit concerned about the reactions I would get from others. However after doing research and exercises to strengthen my feet, mainly so I could get through Karate easier, I determined that switching to these would continue to make my feet stronger.

Spring of 2013 I finally had feet strong enough o be able to walk around barefoot without hurting. I could do a lot of the exercises for my feet very easily without pain. I decided to start shopping for some Vibrams that would be within my budget. After looking online and getting sized at REI, I finally found some within my budget. My first pair was my favorite color even GREEN!


I started off slow and only wore them around the house it took about 6 months to fully transition to this style of shoes. Gradually all of the rest of my shoes began to irritate me. So I bought another pair.


These particularly crack me up as they make it look like I am not wearing any shoes at all. I usually have people think I am barefoot at first!

Of course once I started walking more in them and was wearing them all the time I had to wash them more regularly. I needed another pair for when the other pair was drying.


I actually kind of like taking photos of my shoes when we are on adventures.


The above photo is my favorite of every single picture of my shoes I have. It was taken at the Kubota Japanese Garden in Seattle.

So yes I hike, walk, sprint, and live in these on a daily basis. I do have a pair of salt water sandals and a pair of minimalist flats that I wear as well. I even have a pair of hiking boots, snow boots, and trail shoes for when I need something sturdier. Most of the time I can wear my Vibrams there are a few occasions I cannot. I even use these while at my standing desk and they work fine. The transition takes a while but I have found the my health has improved for the better since I did.

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