Deciding to not do something

One of the interesting things I have been discovering since we moved last September is the joy of deciding that I am no longer interested in something. As we were moving there were quite a few projects that I decided I no longer wanted to work on. Yet I also found more than a few projects I actually wanted to finish. I even finished a few of those.

Yesterday after starting these I don’t know how long ago I finally completed these earrings: 


Yes those are beaded kite earrings. Saw this design over a year ago probably two yet just yesterday completed these. After they were completed I realized they wouldn’t work for me so am putting them aside as a present.

However at the same time I finished the earrings I dismantled at least 4 other things as I realized they should never see the light of day.

Dismantling and deciding against finishing something is a very freeing decision. Not everything needs to be completed, sometimes you make the attempt and decide the attempt was enough. It is OK to not do something.

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