Learning the Violin


At first glance this picture of my Mother’s day present might be a bit odd. However this is the music corner in our bedroom. My husband bought the violin and guitar hangers for the wall and installed them as my present. Now my violins as well as his guitar can be out and easily picked up to play at any time. The green music stand was a present from my family for my birthday a year or so ago.

What I didn’t talk about is why I started playing the violin. I played briefly as a child and adored the instrument but in the busy and full home I grew up in continuing to play was just not working out. For many years it was one of my biggest regrets. It was such a longing of mine that my husband bought me an electric violin as a Christmas present. The electric was a much quieter instrument as practicing can be painful at times for everyone else. However I was struggling with the teach yourself stuff so for my 38th birthday I bought myself violin lessons with a local teacher. I have been playing now for over 3 years. The satisfaction and enjoyment I get from fulfilling that long held dream and longing are immeasurable. This past year I upped my ability and bought myself a wonderful standard violin that has a fantastic sound. I love playing it and currently am taking way too long of a summer break.

One of the inspirations for deciding that I was not to old to learn an instrument was a friend who started piano lessons when she was 70. I decided if she could do it so could I. I have no illusions that I will ever be a professional but since I really only ever want to play for myself  I just don’t care. The joy I get in being able to teach myself a new hymn or other song is beyond description.

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  1. nonchalantkris says:

    I LOVE that you are doing something you enjoy!! Keep it up!

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