The dream forest

As long as I can remember I dreamed about a forest that seems real but completely unfamiliar. The ground is spongy, damp and smells like the usual Washington forests but with a wetness to it that is at once familiar and strange at the same time. The trees have what can almost be described as beards. There are so many different mosses and ferns on every single tree. The air is slightly damp and there seems to be a light mist. The sky is bright but overcast and light grey with small patches of blue sneaking through in patches. I am young again and I skip through a tunnel of branches and trees into the dark depths of the forest not caring what is further up the trail. There are streams, rocks and every possible green kind of vegetation I can remember and some I don’t know. There are slugs including huge ones that are oozing down a branch.

For the majority of my life I really thought this forest only existed in my dreams. I occasionally attempted to discover where it could possibly be but could never find any photos or descriptions that really fit what I saw in my dream. In June of 2013 Devin and I went to the Olympic National Park for a week. One of the many places we visited was the Hoh Rainforest.

We went on a short hike and when we rounded a bend it was the forest I dreamed about.

WP_000969            WP_000968


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