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The wonderful things.

Even after nearly 15 years my husband still surprises me and does sweet romantic things for me.  One of the big ones is flowers, I was really a pretty practical person and even told him that I tend to not … Continue reading

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My son a scout

I finally managed to get photos of Alaric in his webelos cub scout uniform. My mom had taken photos but I thought they were unrecoverable. However my darling husband did a good job of finding them on the SD card … Continue reading

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The sound of things to come?

While problem solving earlier in the month for Treanna we found out that since she lost her little CD player (or had it taken) she has had a more difficult time getting to sleep. So we let her borrow a … Continue reading

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the cure

I have been a reader of Apartment Therapy for a few years now. I came really close to participating in the Spring Cure last year but could not decide what to do so I skipped it. Well this year because … Continue reading

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This past halloween was the second year that we have let the children go trick or treating. I had a few simple rules for their costumes, 1 They had to be creative and 2 They had to be cheap or … Continue reading

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Time moves on

This seems almost like a dream. Especially when just this last week I took this: While I am excited about November, Summer seemed just like yesterday. Tomorrow I shall post Halloween costumes! Pin It

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Vegas Trip summary

In November we took a family vacation. I don’t know if we had ever taken a vacation where we went somewhere on an airplane that wasn’t to visit family. We like visiting family but we also wanted our children to … Continue reading

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