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My Vibram Five Fingers or my “weird shoes”

After reading all the odd things that some people said about Vibram Five Fingers I was a bit concerned about the reactions I would get from others. However after doing research and exercises to strengthen my feet, mainly so I … Continue reading

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Unexpected things I learned from Fashion Bloggers

Some people know that I rather obsessively at times follow fashion, and have lately followed a lot of different fashion bloggers. Up until my computer contracted a rather invasive virus I read about 10+ different fashion blogs daily. Since my … Continue reading

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My dressing table

  I use a dressing table to dress in the morning and to get ready for bed at night. I use it to do my hair, put on makeup, get dressed etc. I have used one for quite a few … Continue reading

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Going backwards – release of the final Harry Potter book

I don’t know that I talked about the release of Harry Potter 7 and events surrounding that. First off we did go down late to the big Borders store in the Redmond Town Center. I was amazed at the sheer … Continue reading

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Just gorgeous

Yesterday and today were just beautiful. Today it got over 70 degrees outside according the thermometer in the shade on my front porch. My garden is looking awesome and I am pleased with my progress. I have slowly been working … Continue reading

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Weekend and fashion show

Thursday I made Pecan Pie mini tart and lemon bars for my tea party this coming Saturday. I still need to make scones and at least 1 other dessert but I will get some of that done this week. We … Continue reading

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Chopping my hair shorter

Yesterday afternoon I had a hair appointment to get my hair trimmed. It was getting pretty long and fried. See:   My hairdresser cut a good 5-6 inches off since the bottom 4 inches were shredding and splitting terribly. We … Continue reading

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