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Funnel Cakes, kitchens, and cast iron!

One of the things I most often miss about being dairy and gluten-free are things like the occasional doughnut or other type of dessert. For the past few weeks I have been thinking about donuts and how to make them … Continue reading

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The wonderful things.

Even after nearly 15 years my husband still surprises me and does sweet romantic things for me.  One of the big ones is flowers, I was really a pretty practical person and even told him that I tend to not … Continue reading

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Devin’s cookies

I had promised Devin a batch of chocolate chip cookies over the weekend. When I called to discuss what specifically he wanted we talked about various alternatives like orange chocolate chip cookies that I make. Devin suggested mint but did … Continue reading

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Review of how the Bento lunch was received

The children both seemed to enjoy the Bento lunch. Honestly in some ways I found it easier to make and get ready than the standard lunch. I think part of that was just that it was fun and I had … Continue reading

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Tomorrow is the first day of school, my darling’s birthday and the day things really get back into the routines of the majority of the year. We have been attempting to get back on schedule for several weeks but things … Continue reading

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All is almost right with the world

I am writing this blog post on my regular desktop computer. I have a good start to things being back in their places. To be sure things are upgraded and I still have many more programs and things to get … Continue reading

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Good and yucky

I am currently sick with a nasty cough and cold. Luckily Alaric got over it mostly and also got over his double ear infections. Amazing how that curtails your activities to have a sick child.  The week before Spring Break, … Continue reading

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