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Kubota Japanese Garden Seattle

One of the lovely places we discovered a few years ago was the Kubota Japanese Garden in South Seattle. It is an absolutely amazing garden created by one man who emigrated to Seattle from Japan in 1907. He had established … Continue reading

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The garden in photos

My surprise flower that I still don’t know what it is. One stalk was pink and the other a delicate light yellow. The front bed after I cleaned it out and moved the tree in the center from its previous … Continue reading

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The garden

Despite the fact that my weedwhacker needs a mysterious new part that I have not bothered to discovered what it is I still managed to get part of the lawn edged. I remembered that I have a pair of old … Continue reading

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Flower pictures from the back garden

I took some pictures of the back garden on the 15th. It is still pretty weed filled but I liked a lot of the flowers. Granted these are not in their prime most of these are a bit on the … Continue reading

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Life is stressful

Sometimes. I have been dealing with a lot of family drama lately. So far I think it will end up resolved in a positive manner for all involved. Needless to say this was stressful. Other news: Congratulations to my nephew … Continue reading

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Just gorgeous

Yesterday and today were just beautiful. Today it got over 70 degrees outside according the thermometer in the shade on my front porch. My garden is looking awesome and I am pleased with my progress. I have slowly been working … Continue reading

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Oooh it was nice!

The weather was wonderful today! So nice in fact that I went out a couple of times to check the lawn. Yup it had grown up quite a bit and it was nice and green. Of course a little past … Continue reading

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Flowers and crafts

My Mother was up last week as she had a craft show. Remembering that I had been to the Flower and Garden show she brought me an awesome present. A HUGE bag of bulbs. At least 14 different kinds. I am … Continue reading

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2007 Flower and Garden Show part 2

Well after a nice rest and decent night of sleep I am ready to start the second part of the show. After resting Friday and doing my work at homewe got ready for Saturday. We were up rather early for … Continue reading

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2007 Flower and Garden Show part 1

First off as I was getting over being sick I had to rest before and after each day I went. I was lucky enough to go 2 different days. Once with my friend S on Thursday where we left early … Continue reading

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